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Various railway vehicles are available at our location which are utilised by us and the MDV. Gladly, we would like to provide our equipment also to you.

Steam Locomotive 50 3501 - 9: The Works Locomotive

The works locomotive of the Meiningen steam locomotive works represents a speciality in different ways on German railways. Commissioned in 1940 as one of more than 3000 railway vehicles of the production series 50, the locomotive with the fleet number 50 380 introduced the extensive and greatly successful reconstruction programme of the former German State Railways into the GDR in 1957.

On the 17th December 1986, number 50 3501-9 came into the Reichsbahn Repair Depot “Helmut Scholz” Meiningen where an L7 correction and a reconstruction was performed on it in order to utilise the works locomotive for the new construction programme of fireless steam locomotives (type FLC) and for test drives. Only for this purpose, the mixing preheater was removed, a second ejector pump installed and a pipe socket was arranged at the right inlet for operational heating.

The 50 3501-9 comes into operation for delivery drives, representative purposes and extra tours of the steam locomotive club Meiningen. On the occasion of the steam locomotive days, our steam locomotive works offers trainings as honorary steam locomotive drivers whose „practical training“ is carried out through drives on the works' grounds – of course on number 50 3501-9.

The locomotive can only be rent including staff members of the steam locomotive club Meiningen.

Diesel locomotive V 202 563-3

On the 12th August 2002, completely overhauled in the Reichsbahn Repair Depot Stendal, diesel locomotive V 202 563-3 was conveyed with an original 12 KVD engine (1.200 HP) to the Meiningen steam locomotive works. As desired, the locomotive was delivered in a blue hue which by now is to be found on all shunting locomotives of our works.

According to its technical design, the locomotive meets the requirements of the Deutsche Reichsbahn. Its boiler was manufactured in the VEB Kesselbau Kthen which is currently shut down. Safety-related standards exist in terms of the automatic train control system PZB 90 and the digital train radio Mesa 2002.

The locomotive is mainly used for the Deutsche Bahn Netz AG's breakdown train, but also for conveying our customer's vehicles.

Some of number 202 563-3's remarkable services are the conveyance of the French express steam locomotive 241 A65 to its Swiss home, and the one of the Belgian locomotive 29 013, the recovery of the heavily damaged locomotives after the fire damage in Nuremberg as well as the locomotive transportations of the Deutsches Museum in Munich to the Lokwelt Freilassing in April 2006.

Railway Carriages

The DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH's inventory contains the following four railway carriages which are rentable as trainset or, on rare occasions, individually:

Construction type Production series (number)
AB 4e 042 51 80 38-43092-3
AB 4e 042 51 80 38-40111-4
B 4e 044 51 80 29-43234-2
ABy 048 51 80 38-43830-6

The responsable authority for renting railway carriages is the department Marketing&Sales of the Meinigen steam locomotive works in cooperation with the EBL/BL and the DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate and contact us via phone or email.

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